Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soccer Ball, Soccer Fall

I could also have titled this post, "Suckers for Soccer."  It sure has taken over our lives for the last 9 weeks!

But it has afforded Papa Rooster many opportunities to practice capturing action shots, and he's become so good at it, it's tough to choose just a few.  Especially with four kids playing this year!

(You can click to enlarge any of these great shots.)

Since B16 isn't attending a brick-and-mortar school this year, he joined the recreational league to keep up his skilz.  He's managing to hold his own playing with varsity girls who are there for the same reason, since their season is in the spring.

BOOM!!  This solid kick was one of 5 goals he made in this game.  

B12's team moved up to the biggest field this year, so he spends a lot of time running.

The tongue spends a lot of time out of the mouth, too.

  Here he gets a foot on the ball.  Isn't his body at a beautiful angle?

This is Chicklet's first time playing competitively, and she is determined!

She also has the tongue thing goin' on. 

She also has kind of a ballerina thing goin' on with her arms...

And it's workin' for her!

B6 is in his element on the soccer field.

Such energy!  

They've been working on passing. B6 used to be something of a ball hog, but he's really getting it. Today he was proud to tell me about a team-mate who made his first goal today because B6 passed it to him and gave him a chance.

He loves to use his body.

He also has the tongue thing going on.  

I don't have a pic of B16 to post as an example, but trust me, it's a family trait!

Who is the foolish-looking woman in the background?  That would be me.

  (I just can't stop chuckling over this incredibly flattering photo!)


Nothin' but net.  And yes, that was my boy who kicked it in.

But he's just as exuberant when it's his team-mate who gets the goal.

I could do a whole post on the many faces of B6.

But maybe I'll just save those photos for next Saturday, our last day of games.  

Yes, I am counting down the days!


Anonymous said...

Ya know, Jeanne, I wouldn't have noticed the 'unflattering' aspect of the photo. But since you pointed it out, it has provided some lunchtime comic relief for me. I'm sure I could find some similarly flattering photos of myself -- exactly why I don't post them to Facebook!!

At A Hen's Pace said...


If it were truly a horribly unflattering photo, I wouldn't have posted it either. :)

It's more funny than bad, which is why I can laugh about it!