Friday, November 11, 2011

Talent Show 2011

We like to hold our semi-annual Talent Show near All Saints' or near Pentecost, because both are feasts that celebrate us, the church.  So we feast and celebrate the many unique gifts and talents among us!

We begin enjoying the talents of our many great cooks and bakers.  This time, it was a soup supper, with an array of crock-potted soups and chilis, bread and a sumptious spread of desserts!

Twelve-year old boys doing what twelve-year-old boys do best.

The two youngest members of Light of Christ, hoping for cookies.

This was the first time we had an art display at our Talent Show.

We have some very gifted artists!

After the meal, we fold up the tables and turn our chairs toward the stage. 

 Our first-graders led off with simple poetry they had memorized.  However, B6 was so overcome with a fit of the giggles that he couldn't get a word out!

We have quite a few budding pianists...

And a couple of budding choreographers!

We were treated to poetry, both serious and funny, original and not.  This is our Senior Warden's wife and primary Sunday School teacher for the younger kids, in costume and reading oh-so-expressively from a children's book.

This father-son duo brought the house down.  The son is autistic and delightfully unpredictable in his behavior, and it was great to see him participating with a big smile, and coming in right on time!

This couple is new to Light of Christ, but they are old friends of our family from our Church of the Resurrection days.  They set up and ran the sound for our show, and gave us an original and unusual composition, Peter Gabriel's "Mercy Street" juxtaposed with "Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy."  Haunting and beautiful!

But this young man, who sang two original acapella blues songs, was the most wildly popular act of the evening.  (Papa Rooster promises me we WILL figure out how to post a video.) The wig was for courage, but the moustache put him into character.  He wore a gray one for his first number, "It's Haaarrrrd Bein' an Old Guy." And this black-moustached man sang, "What's Wrrrrooooonnnnng With Me?"  And he improvised the verses on the spot!  His parents say they are different every time.  He doesn't even see the audience; instead of looking outward for praise, he focuses inward for inspiration.  It was quite a performance.

Blondechick even came home from college for the Talent Show!  With her music scholarship, she's been taking voice lessons and expanding her range up into first soprano territory, so she sang something she had just performed for a recital at school, "Think of Me," from Phantom of the Opera.  It was great to hear how much more mature her voice sounds already.

B16 played and sang an original song, "Your Forever."  And it's catchy!  Darn if I didn't have it stuck in my head for a day or two there.

Papa Rooster and I sang "Do You Love Me?" from Fiddler on the Roof.  As a Norwegian channeling his pseudo-Jewish roots, here he's trying hard to get me to say I love him, while I'm busy with my planner and iPhone.

Finally, I admit that after 25 years of cooking for him, cleaning his house, living, fighting, starving and sleeping with him, I suppose that I do love him.  (If you don't know the song, do look it up for YouTube; it's such a funny, moving little love scene.)  It was fun for us to do, since we celebrate 25 years of marriage next month!

Then my in-laws played an older couple reminiscing about their youthful romance, in the duet "I Remember It Well," from Gigi.

Him:  We met at nine
Her:  We met at eight 
Him:  I was on time 
Her:  No, you were late 
Him:  Ah, yes, I remember it well 
We dined with friends 
Her:  We dined alone 
Him:  A tenor sang 
Her:  A baritone 
Him:  Ah, yes, I remember it well

My in-laws are former Broadway performers, and it's delightful to see them continuing to do what they love!

Finally, we commence with the dancing.  First, our old friends from Rez, sometime swing dance instructors,  taught us the basic swing step and the "she-goes" turn and the "he-goes" turn.  But things quickly degenerated into steps that even the littlest kids could do.

Everybody got into it, but no one was free-stylin' as impressively as our Senior Warden!

And that's the way we roll at the Light of Christ semi-annual, all-church Talent Show!

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