Sunday, December 25, 2011

And His Name Shall Be Called Emmanuel

"God has drawn near to us in His Son Jesus. No longer may we speak of God way out there somewhere or way up there in heaven. He is Immanuel, God with us. He is the God who gets involved. The God who puts on the uniform and plays the game. He doesn't sit by watching us make a mess of things. He doesn't watch helplessly from his throne heaven while we destroy each other here on earth. He sets down his crown, takes off his royal robes, puts on the workclothes of a servant. He takes on our humanity. And in our humanity He humbles himself to death on a cross. Immanuel works and weeps and suffers and sleeps and bleeds and dies. He is with us in every facet of our lives. Nothing is left out of His being with us to save us.

Jesus is Immanuel, the only Immanuel there ever was, the only one there ever will be. When He appears in glory, He will be the same Immanuel who came by the Virgin, who laid in a manger, who died for you on the cross, who comes to you now in His Baptism, Word, and Supper. The good that you are never alone as one of the Lord's baptized believers. God is with you. Immanuel."

(by Robin Dugall)

(Hat tip:  Barbara G.)

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