Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Brothers Banter

B16, who has been snarling a lot lately about his school workload, was in a good mood the other morning.

He was dressed in silky gym shorts and no shirt.  A fluffy Christmas blanket was draped around his shoulders as he fried eggs, over-easy, for himself.  His brother sat at the dining room table, school laptop open in front of him, engrossed in Garfield strips on as he ate cold cereal from a bowl.  His attire was identical to his brother's, but his blanket was black, a fake fur affair that is his constant companion.

"Y'know, Mom, I know I complain a lot, but there are a lot of things I like about being homeschooled," B16 told me.  "It's kinda cool that I can wear whatever I want."  He grinned down at his blanket and silky shorts.  "I can get up and make myself something to eat whenever I want."  He nodded at the skillet in front of him.  "And I can put on Christmas music while I study."  He gestured cheerfully toward the stereo, where his iPod rested, pushing Michael Buble's silky voice through the speakers.

"And I get to hang out with B12."  His eyes traveled across the kitchen and connected with his brother's.  "That's one of the best parts.  We joke around a lot.  And I can beat him up whenever I want."  He made punching motions at B12's head.  B12 didn't bat an eyelid, just kept his eyes glued to Garfield as he replied, deadpan, "Yeah, that's my favorite part too."

"It's a pretty good life, y'know?"  B16 summarized, picking up his plate.  He paused, fork in hand.  "Except for the school part.  Now if I just didn't have to worry about THAT...."

It's not the first time that B16 has told me that one of the best things, for him, about homeschooling again, has been reconnecting with his younger brother.  They really do have a good time together, and their laughter and joking around are contagious.  And hard to stop!  It becomes my unpleasant duty to constantly call them to FOCUS. Sometimes they have to separate, just to get anything done.

It even extends to Facebook, where they tease each other, and their sister, Blondechick, at college.  I give you the following interchange:

B16 posted on Blondechick's wall:
Mucho PU ablo?

Okay so I have to admit, I just put that into google to see if it actually meant something and google asked me "Did you mean, Michel Pablo?" STOP you're just trying to mess with me with yer fake spanish words.

Haha you got me. On a brighter note. "That fart smelled like the fart I farted a couple farts ago." The wise words of B12.

Oh, how-I-miss-you-two.  Monotone, bro.

Never art thou weak too strong as for the weak are the weak and the strong the strong. Some more wise words that won't do you any good.

Wise words, my friend!

Thanks B12, I'm proud to say you have officially become your father's son. Only Dad [linked to her father's wall] has that kind of humor.

So there you have the culprit.  My dear husband.

If only he was around to break up the joking during the school day.  But he would probably just join in--leaving me with not two, but three unruly males.

I guess there are worse problems to have....

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