Monday, December 12, 2011

Return to the Theater

I am so excited.  A new 10-week session of theater begins this week!

I really missed it, while our kids were doing soccer this fall.  Even though I taught a drama class, it wasn't the same without my kids.  And I missed being involved with a production.  There's nothing like the thrill and the camaraderie of making that ten-week journey together.

So although we missed the Christmas Carol journey, we are excited to begin a new one:  auditions for The Sound of Music are this Friday night!  I am delighted that three of our kids are auditioning.  Chicklet8 and Bantam12 were givens, but B16 wasn't sure until recently.  For me, it simplifies my life when most of my kids are going in one direction, and I'm also happy when more of my own children benefit from the sacrifices of my time and energy that theater requires.  I love making these memories with my kids, though, so I'm glad that B16 will be making them with us.

B6 isn't old enough to audition for the production, but he's going to classes with us!  He'll be in Our Gang, an introductory theater class for 6- and 7-year-olds.  B12 is taking Improv, and Chicklet8 will be in Musical Theater.  B16 is going to be my aide in Drama 1.  It's a large class of 17 students, including one student with special needs; so he's a good fit, with his experience growing up with a brother with autism.  I'll be staying late to teach Drama 3:  Scenes and Monologues in the second time slot of classes.  I've been busy pulling together curriculum, scenes, and monologues, and I'm excited to teach this advanced class for the first time!

We have over 100 kids enrolled in classes for this winter session of our Christian theater group.  It has grown so much in 2+ years! There were so many new families last session.  I am eager to see how many more lives will be touched by this program as it grows. And I'm so happy to be part of it!

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