Thursday, January 12, 2012


My plans for better blogging are going right out the window this week!

The Bantams 12 and 16 are enrolled in a virtual school, you may remember.  They have enjoyed its flexibility to include many other learning opportunities, and in fact, this semester B16 has logged over 200 hours of guitar lessons and practice, voice lessons and practice, playing with two bands and the worship team at church, and recording in a studio with one of his bands.  He's receiving one fine arts credit for all these hours, and he's also receiving a half-credit for the over 90 "service learning" hours he's logged, doing set-up and take-down at church, serving on the worship team, assistant-coaching a Catholic school soccer team, and helping another ministry with set-up, decorating and take-down at their annual fundraising dinner.

He and B12 were able to work at the Christmas tree farm, and now they are both in rehearsals for The Sound of Music. B12 has put in the hours on piano, played soccer and attended all-day Redemption tournaments.  But NOW the flexibility has ended, and the hard-and-fast deadline for all the projects, papers and assignments is HERE!

It's this weekend, I mean.  So this week I've been spending more time than usual supervising, assisting, prioritizing, teaching--and nagging.  They're both going to be okay, I think--if they use their time wisely! And if I help move things along a bit on their biggest projects.  They just work so much better and faster if I am involved.


In other news, it was my birthday on Monday, and I received lots of affirming words on Facebook and from my husband and kids.  Some of my favorite lines from my kids:

There's really not much to say other than the usual "I love you" and also thank you for taking care of me, and helping me, and teaching me many good valuable lessons about how to live my life the right way, and stuff like that. ~B20

You are beautiful and fun to be around and I will always hope to be like you when I have kids.  People use the nickname "supermom," but I'll go with best friend on steroids. ~Blondechick19

Some moms don't have a sense of style, but you have some real swag. ~B16

I hope that your birthday is very happy.  I also hope you can have a rest from helping B16 and I.  I am very thankful that you are my mother and I wish I wasn't so behind so we could have some time to spend talking about things we want to talk about. ~B12

I've been feeling closer to God each Sunday and I feel really good about it, it makes me feel more comfortable in my life! ~Chicklet8

The day hass kum to my moms brthday. I nivr miss it. 

I love you.  I will olwes be her with you.   ~B6

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