Saturday, March 31, 2012

Holy Week Preview

It’s a busy and exciting time!  I’m wearing a lot of hats this week….

Palm Sunday:

9 a.m.  Passion reading rehearsal and sound check
10 a.m. Palm Sunday service—participate in Passion Reading
After church—set up banners for Creation reading rehearsal, make sure two Easter Vigil rehearsals are happening
1:30-3:30  Direct three rehearsals for Easter Vigil, all involving kids
Memorize my part for Gathering reading, remind B16 to learn his!
Make turkey enchiladas, salad and cornbread for dinner
Decide with C9 outfits for 4 services


Get BBQ turkey simmering and defrost buns
Lay out B7’s outfits
Keep memorizing
Geometry with B16
Remind B13 to memorize Romeo script and Gathering reading part
Remind B16 to learn songs for Vigil
4:30  BBQ turkey sandwiches
5:15 B16 take B13 to soccer
6-8:30  Direct two rehearsals for Easter Vigil


Lay out my clothes for 5 services
Geometry with B16
Get out Easter decorations and egg dying stuff
4:00-6:15  Direct/participate in two rehearsals for Easter Vigil
7-9 Teach One Act class


Get ham out of freezer
Hard-boil eggs
Make salad dressing
Dye eggs with kids
Pre-assemble Easter baskets
Make sure B13 has clothes for services
Pick up BC19 at college, or PR stop on way home from airport?

Maundy Thursday:

Morning:  B16, B21 set up sound and lights
Make sweet potato casserole, maybe pumpkin bread
Take B13 to soccer, pick up and take early to acolyte
7:00 Maundy Thursday service--strip altar

Good Friday:

10 a.m.--set up banners, take B16, B21 to help with sound and lights, C9 and B13 to be in rehearsals, B7 along for the ride
11:00--run 3 tech rehearsals for Easter Vigil
2:00—attend Stations of the Cross service
4:00—attend worship team rehearsal
7:00—Good Friday service--sing

Holy Saturday:

8 to 10 a.m.—run six tech rehearsals (participate in two)
Assemble Easter baskets and hide
5:00 arrive for Easter Vigil and make sure banners, chuppah, candles are placed
6:00 Easter Vigil—participate in two readings, put the rest in God's hands, and rejoice!

Easter Sunday:

Put ham in
Take C9 early to acolyte
10:00 Easter Service—relax and rejoice!
Take out ham, put in sweet potatoes and pie
Enjoy Easter dinner with family
Take nap


Want to see what all the rehearsals are about?  Here's an example of the way we dramatize Scripture at the Easter Vigil.  We're on a smaller scale, but this is what our parent church, Church of the Resurrection, did last year for the Creation reading.

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