Friday, March 09, 2012

Memorable Sound of Music Moments

One of the things about live theater--especially live theater with kids--is that there are always many humorous moments, on and offstage.

The directors like to memorialize these moments by giving funny awards for them.  For example, B16 received an award for Most Confused Parent, presented to him for Finally Figuring Out Which One is Louisa.  In one of the scenes, the Captain wonders aloud why Maria could have left so suddenly, without saying goodbye, and he is supposed to lead Louisa aside to ask her if she played any unpleasant tricks on Maria. Out of his five daughters--and two casts, so it wasn't even the same girl each show--it took him awhile to recognize the right girl to pull aside each time!

The directors said they intended to make a "God Saved Your Butt" award for him, as well, for one scene when the leads had to improvise because it was time for a song, and the music was not coming on. After a few lines of improv among the leads, B16 boldly stepped forward and asked, "Children, do you need a starting note?"  "Yes, Father," one of his children replied...and then all eyes turned to the Captain to see what he would do now??  Fortunately, the music started right at that moment, which made it seem almost like his improvised line was the cue, but still, we all knew he had no idea what he would have done next if it had not.

Chicklet8 received an award for Funniest Costume Challenge EVER, for Your determination to get your little sister dressed!  In the final scene, the Von Trapps appear on stage to sing at the Festival, "tea with jam, jam and bread." They are wearing traveling clothes, all in jackets and coats, and the Gretel, the youngest, rushing to get on stage with the rest, did not have her sweater on completely.  She tried unobtrusively to get her arm in the other sleeve, but was having difficulty, and then Chicklet noticed and began helping her.  "Leave it alone!" I was screaming mentally, but no, she kept helping, subtly, she thought, and then more overtly, and between them they still could not seem to get it on, and it was sooo distracting.  (I think it was upside down, with the collar at the little girl's waist.)  She helped and helped, and finally Maria tried, stepping in front of Chicklet, who then pushed around Maria to get back to her usual position at the front.  This was all as they were finishing their performance at the festival, and then during the Captain's little speech ("My fellow Austrians...") before he sings "Edelweiss" and then during the first part of his song.  The directors said they were in the back making the slit-throat gesture so that the girls would leave. the sweater. ALONE. and they imagined the poor Captain wondering why they wanted him to stop his song.  The director later came up to Chicklet and said, with a smile, "Sweetie, don't ever touch that sweater again!" Chicklet replied brightly, "Okay!  What sweater?"

Chicklet's class came to see the show, and it was amusing how they treated her afterward, like she was a celebrity.  They were in awe of the microphone still taped to her cheek.  "Do you get to keep it?" they all wanted to know.  "Will you sit with me on the bus going home?" one of them asked, forgetting that she had not come with them on the bus--and she had another show to do.  They made her a card when they got back to class, saying "Good job" and "Awesome singing" and "Up there on the stage it was you!"

I can't say much about the kissing scene, for fear of embarrassing B16, but they did have to practice a lot, because it was a fake kiss with his hand on the side of her face and his thumb over her lips so that he actually kissed his own thumb.  But they kept doing it too fast and it looked, on stage, more like a dive-bombing than a tender kiss. I shall refrain from further comment, except to state that all practicing was supervised by the directors!

Oh, and the moustaches.  As the Makeup Chairperson, I had ordered human hair moustaches for several characters to help our teenage cast members look more like men.  Not sure what would be best for Max, I ordered both the European-style moustache and the Handlebar model, knowing I'd have one extra, but figuring we'd use it in some show or other.  Imagine my shock when I first watched the party scene at a dress rehearsal and saw ROLF, the telegram delivery boy, in a tuxedo and gloves, sipping champagne with barons and admirals!  No doubt about it, that was the boy Rolf at that party. I immediately assigned him the leftover handlebar moustache for that scene (when he was not supposed to be Rolf at all, but just another gentleman) and it changed his look completely.  I was most satisfied. (Did the Holy Spirit prompt me to order that extra 'stache??)

During rehearsals, B13 and the other Friedrich, got quite a reputation with the directing team.  "If you put the two of them together, it's like you get one blonde," the director told me.  As evidence, she told me about a scene where they instructed all the kids--both casts of Von Trapps rehearsed everything together--that they should think of something quiet to do during this scene, while they had no lines.  "Hey, we can play Rock, Paper, Scissors!" the two Friedrichs announced, like it was a great idea. "Hello?"  the directors said.  "You won't be on stage at the same time, you know!" "We won't?" they asked.

A bribe was involved in the taking of the above photo. 
These are the infamous curtain shorts!

Both boys wore a tux to the party, whether they were playing Friedrich or a Party Guest in that performance. Where are your bow ties and gloves, boys?

Ahh, it's been a bit of a blue week for us all.  It was such a fun show!  The next one is Charlotte's Web, and only Chicklet will be auditioning, a week from today.  B13 has his heart set on playing soccer again, and there is no role in Charlotte's Web that appeals to B16, after playing the Captain.  He wants to get back to band practice on Saturdays, instead of rehearsals.  Who knows when they will all be in a show together again?

(If you were looking for the sentimental memories...see this post!)

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