Sunday, September 09, 2012

Off to Narnia

It's been a whirlwind week of theater!

Classes started on Tuesday, and it is weird not to be teaching one this semester! I miss it. But it's not hard to enjoy the break.

B13 is taking an advanced voice class called Duets and Harmonies, and Chicklet is excited about her Tap and Jazz class. B7 is in the 6/7-year-olds class for the last time, and is looking forward to "graduation" at the end of the session. Next time, he will be old enough to sign up for one of the big kid classes!

On Thursday night, we had auditions for the fall show, Narnia, the Musical.

They only perform partial songs because auditions are limited to one minute.

 B13 and Chicklet10 worked hard to prepare, and they were both so pleased to be called back for lead parts!

Callbacks were Friday night, the very next evening...and Saturday morning, the cast list was up! Just in time for the first rehearsal. A whirlwind, indeed, of effort and emotions.

Chicklet10 is delighted to be a Pixie, a Narnian dancer. And B13 is the Bull, one of the commanders of the Narnian army--a small speaking part.

B7 was allowed to do a practice audition, because next time, he'll be old enough to audition to be in the show!  He did a good job, for his first time. He missed a word and got off his music, then had trouble hearing it and just sang fast--to get through it!

So. We spend the next ten Narnia!

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