Thursday, April 25, 2013

Aladdin Photo Link!!

How did I forget???

You definitely want to go look at the gallery of awesome, professional photos that my amazing husband took of Aladdin!

As any mom who has tried to snap a few pictures at dress rehearsals can tell you, it is SO hard to get good pictures under theater lighting conditions. Papa Rooster has read books, watched tutorials, talked to pros, and purchased special camera lenses in order to get the beautiful photos that he takes.

They really are wonderful.  See for yourself!

(The password is "andreas." They are arranged by scene--A1S1 is Act 1, Scene 1.)

If you are family/friends looking for our kids...B17 is throughout, of course, as Aladdin, but don't miss...

A1S4, with B14's big scene as Prince Zorak! 

A1S3 with B8's big moment, right at the beginning. 

A1S6, of B14 in his Captain of the Guard role. 

A1S8 has all three kids in it except B14. 

A2S2 has B14 in his third role as an Entourage Dancer.

A2S3 is the Magic Carpet ride scene with all three except B14.

A2S5 has B14's silliest gag as Captain of the Guard.

A2S6, in which B17 dresses up like a woman and dances with Jafar, also fights him and frees the Genie!

And if you are really a fan...

The last gallery is a slideshow, set to the high-energy Bollywood-style dance music used in the show! Enjoy!


Gena at said...

I got the password to work with andreas (no capital A).

At A Hen's Pace said...

Oh, thanks, Gena! You're right!

Anonymous said...

I thought you already posted these, and I viewed them. Maybe from Papa R's link?? Anyway, they were truly great--agree! Pianomum