Monday, April 01, 2013

Rejoice With All Your Heart

I don't have photos. (Yet.)

Well, here's one, from the very start of Holy Week--beginning our Palm Sunday service
But I have so much joy and thanksgiving in my heart that I can't wait for photos to post something about Holy Week.

Christ has died so that we may truly live!! He's risen and reigns over heaven and earth!! Alleluia!!

I am so thankful, for things heavenly...and for earthly matters too.

--for Christ, my Savior

--for his love, care and delight in me

--for the Church. I know it's hip to criticize it, but it was God's idea and I am so grateful for it.

--for Light of Christ. We have never regretted moving to Wisconsin to help start this church. What a work of God it is! We have been blessed with such wonderful, wonderful people in this small congregation.

--for "the body in action." During Holy Week, all kinds of gifts and services are poured out behind the scenes. This year, we needed stairs and a scrim constructed, communion bread baked, a new sound system built,wood supplied, bulletins prepared, curtains sewn, flowers ordered, emails exchanged, schedules made, rehearsals held, food prepared and much more. The family who lives across the street from our rented space opened their home for the week to anyone who needed a meal or a place to hold a meeting, and another woman provided food in huge quantities. Our tech team (including B17) provided sound and light for multiple music rehearsals, dramatic reading rehearsals, liturgical rehearsals with clergy and acolytes, and the actual services. There was a coordinator for each service--and a "coordinator of coordinators"--to make sure all the little details were prepared and planned. It was such a community effort!

--for the Holy Spirit. We plan and prepare and rehearse...but there is just no human accounting for what happens when God multiplies our small loaves-and-fishes of effort. Each service was like a vessel we shaped, but God filled. Newcomers, little kids, young people and old-timers were moved in mysterious ways. Praise the Lord!!

--for the joy of the Lord. He is risen indeed! The resurrection is such a joyous event to end the week celebrating, but it is made even more joyous by the journey we have traveled together. We walked the spiritual journey from darkness to light alongside the time-bound and earthly journey of labor and cooperation as a community throughout the week. The joy that rewards the accomplishment of earthly service mingles with joy in Christ's love, forgiveness and salvation--and there is much rejoicing!!

My heart is full. What a wonderful week. Thank you, Lord!!

Sing, O Daughter of Zion, 
Shout aloud, O Israel. 
Rejoice with all your heart, O daughter of Jerusalem.
~Zephaniah 3:14 

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Anonymous said...

I liked the way you said it--we shape it, He fills it---Ours was a joyous service, too--the two choir numbers beautifully helped lead worship--they did their absolute best! Praising the Lord for the blessings of the last several days, and yesterday the highlight! Pianomum