Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blog Neglect

Life is flying by, way faster than my wished-for hen's pace! Too fast to capture by blogging, and the days and nights are too full for me to add one more thing.

A full day looms ahead--soccer game, a strike party, a homeschool curriculum sale I have to pick up unsold books from, and a performance of Godspell that many friends are in--but I'm giving myself twenty minutes to put down some bullet points on recent events.

--B22 got a job! He's working at a dollar store, as a stocker. God provided an opportunity for me to speak with a manager there about B22, and he gave him an interview and hired him on the spot. Please pray that B22 can do well there, and unload trucks and stock shelves at something faster than a hen's pace!

--B18 also got a job, working at a retail store in the area. His college class is over, and he has just another two weeks of virtual school left. Then studying for the June ACT, and after that--summer, for him. Oh, and he was inducted into the National Honor Society by his virtual school!

--Tom Sawyer, the Musical, was a big success and enjoyed by all. Pictures to come. Papa Rooster took the professional photos and filled orders for posters and prints--it will be my job to hand them out at the strike party today!

--I am directing a one act play, a Western called "The Taming of LaRue," loosely based on The Taming of the Shrew. We've been rehearsing once a week during theater classes, and our one and only performance is next Tuesday. I had to put on my artists' beret this past week to create these signs for it:

It was a pretty big project for me, and I'm proud of it!

--It's been five years this past week, since we moved to Kenosha. Hard to believe.

--Father Rooster and I attended the Convening Convention for the formation of a new Midwest diocese. Very exciting! It was great to reconnect and receive encouragement from old friends at our former church for a couple of days.

--Blondechick's old Dodge Neon died, and she got a nice VW Jetta in its place. Her college classes ended and she's taking the summer off, continuing to work a lot of hours as a server at a popular restaurant.

--B14 and Chicklet8 got hamsters. They're boys, so we named them Jude and Ringo. (Former rodents, all female, have been named Prudence, Eleanor, Lucy, Rita and Sadie. Do you see the theme?)

--In order to make room for the hamster cage and his mess, C8 and I spent days working on her room, including finally getting her a real mattress and a bed frame, so we could store things underneath her bed. She had been sleeping on the floor for months now, since we sold the waterbed she inherited from her big sister along with the room. At least when the hamster bedding started spilling out on the carpet, as I knew it would, her blankets and pillow were up off the floor....

We added a springtime gym class and dance class to our normal schedule of piano lessons, soccer practices, theater classes and rehearsals, and homeschooling assignments. It's been fun, but wow, it adds up.

My twenty minutes are up! Okay, I went a little over. Trying to make up for blog neglect. ;)

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