Wednesday, July 03, 2013


I've always been careful what I write about my kids on this blog. I always ask my teenagers, especially, to read a post that mentions them if it's more than just a passing reference.

That means there is a lot I don't say about them. Often I wish I could write about what's really going on...because I know there are other families--other parents, other teens--who must have similar struggles.  But that would mean broadcasting my kids' mistakes and vulnerabilities to the world, and I can't do that to them. I would hate to define them by their moments of teenage stupidity, when I certainly plan on them outgrowing that phase. 

However, with Blondechick, we have reached a place where it has become clear that some of her issues are not going to be outgrown. Stabilized with medication, we can hope; but anyone who is her friend on Facebook or Instagram can tell that she's been spiraling in the wrong direction and that there is a lot of unhealthy stuff going on in her life. It's less of a privacy concern now, on this blog, since she's so public about it elsewhere on the internet.

So I feel I can share that we're in a crisis with her currently. In many ways her life is hanging in the balance. She has choices to make--for life and health, or for death and destruction. I wish she could see it that clearly--the Lord keeps reminding me of these verses--but it's much more confused in her mind. She needs to trust others but is having a difficult time doing it.

We need wisdom, Papa R and I. We have good advisors and tremendous prayer support--I feel surrounded by it--but in the moment-by-moment interactions and decisions we must make, as well as in the large-scale issues, we need great wisdom. This crisis could be sort of a prolonged one, if you are praying for us, or it could go very quickly. Not sure when I will have an update, but we are so grateful for your continued prayers.

My last two posts were on joy in the midst of disappointment and difficulty, and I can truly say that the joy of the Lord is my strength. He is keeping my eyes uplifted. He is even helping me see the unseen, the ways He is working through all of this. He has given me great hope and faith in Him no matter the outcome on earth.

On a lighter note, I have to say that one of the most reassuring things I've heard in the past month is "This is not garden-variety teenage stuff you've been dealing with for the past five years."

And I thought, "Hallelujah!" There is hope for the next dozen years.


Todd A. Peperkorn said...

Peace to you all! Prayers ascend from the hinterlands of California.

Moyra said...

Prayers ascending from here daily.