Friday, July 12, 2013

Movie Set

So yesterday they filmed scenes from a movie at my house.

It was cool.

When they asked if they could use our house, I thought, oh sure, no big deal. The director is a friend of ours, and I indirectly knew some others involved on the project.

But it was A. BIG. DEAL.

It started the night before. After a long day of filming, the director--a friend of ours--and the set dec guy came over around 10 p.m. They looked at all the areas where they'd be filming for objects that would have to be removed or turned--anything with a label or other identifiable design. For the oil painting over our fireplace and a sculpture we own, we had to contact the artists for confirmation that each would sign a release for their images to appear in the film.  

We stayed up till nearly 2 a.m. catching up with our friend the director, while the set dec guy rearranged and redecorated B18's bedroom with photography by Papa R and artwork by yours truly, from my high school days.  (The scenes filmed here were for a part of the script when one of the college students goes home for a short visit at his parents' house, and his bedroom is supposed to help indicate his interest in art, although he's studying something else to please his father.  They used a large oil painting, five watercolor still lifes and a bas relief project of mine, alongside a legit work by the set dec guy, who is an artist. I am so tickled!)

The next morning, the caterers arrived at 7 a.m., and two big trucks pulled in shortly after that. Soon our garage was packed with sound and lighting equipment, and our living room furniture was pushed to one side so that a long track for a camera dolly could be installed. Our house began to fill with people. The talent arrived and we set them up with the makeup artist in our main floor bedroom, which became the talent lounge for the day. Personal assistants were everywhere, plugging in equipment, prepping shooting areas and asking questions.

I quickly learned to ask each person I met what their role was on the crew. Everybody had a title. I didn't know what to say about myself other than "I live here." Then one of the actors helped me grasp my role when he asked:  "Are you the homeowner?" Ah, yes. From then on I was able to introduce myself more professionally. :)

I could also say, "I'm the photographer's wife," and they all went, "Oh, okay." They all knew Papa R from the first day of shooting, which he documented from the first moment.  He's the only one officially allowed to take photos on the set.

I got special permission to post one photo on Facebook, however, with this status: "My living room this morning." They had already started removing the camera track.

Yes, we're talking about a real movie here.

With real actors, whose names I am sworn to secrecy. Not that they are well-known to the masses, but they are industry pros with plenty of film credits on IMDB.

They were here all day. The younger kids and I left at noon to go to Hurricane Harbor, a water park inside Six Flags, since we have season passes. We arrived home after 8 p.m. and they were still filming up in B18's bedroom. It was so hot in the house--hotter than our day at Six Flags! They had turned off the air conditioning, since the background noise was picked up by the sensitive sound equipment, and all the windows had to remain shut, to keep out any outdoor noise. (They even unplugged the refrigerator for awhile, while they were filming on the main level.)

It was after 10 p.m. when the last cord was unplugged, the last piece of equipment removed, the last piece of furniture moved back and the last of the 35-member crew drove away.

Our director friend spent the night, and we had scintillating conversation about the movie until the wee hours again. (Sworn to secrecy!)

Yeah, it was cool.

Here is a little info on the movie. It is a feature film--a full-length movie, not a short film. I honestly don't know if it will be playing in a theater near you any time soon, but that is the hope. It will go to Sundance and other festivals and fine arts theaters first, and then...we shall see!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun event to be part of. Guess they really liked your artwork!!!