Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hercules, Act Two

Hercules, Act One

Act Two begins with Poseidon, Phil and Dei giving Hercules a musical pep talk, the inspirational "Anything."

Next, they journey to the temple of Athena, who gives them...another one!
Hers, however, is a show-stopping number ("Show Them Who You Are") complete with a gospel chorus, a large congregation and astounding vocal riffs and power!

She advises Hercules about the tasks he must perform, and sends him off.

One is to capture the Nemean Lion.

"Is this it??"

Meanwhile, the Minions complain that Hades makes them do everything: "We Are The Minions." Here's Chicklet11 finishing up a solo!

This song calls for a "pop culture reference," something very current. In our version, the Minions claim responsibility for getting songs stuck in your head, and then burst into "What Does the Fox Say?...Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringading," while doing the dance from that section of the video.

(I know, I had never heard of it either a month ago. But we knew we had picked a good one when the school kids went nuts!)

"Hey, I hate to break up the love-fest, but we've got a golden apple to steal...."

The Hydra, in the Garden of the Hesperides.

Hercules defeats the Hydra, but Phil is mortally wounded.

Phil insists upon a Shakespearean-style death scene, soliliquizing like a great tragedian...

...before agreeing to take a bite of a golden apple that grants immortality. "Wow, that works fast. I feel great!"

The gods and goddesses rejoice and the Minions cower as Hercules, Zeus, Poseidon, Phil and Deianeira return to kick Hades and the Minions out of Olympus and restore Zeus to the throne.

Curtain call...and glory to God!

Even through Greek myths!

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