Wednesday, March 05, 2014

New Season, New Deacon

It's Ash Wednesday, and we had a somber, silent service. We are in the season of Lent now.

But last Sunday, it was a joyful celebration as we ordained one of our own to the office of deacon.

Here he is, with his family--and with our new Bishop, on his first episcopal visit to Light of Christ!

An ordination is a pretty special service.

You can't tell at this angle, but there are three women in the crowd above laying hands on and praying aloud for our ordinand. I'm one of them!

Our kids, who remember Bishop Stewart a bit from our old church, were the first to step up close to him when he called the children forward.

But none of the kids were shy when the Bishop asked them for a group hug!

The Light of Christ clergy team with their bishop. (Father Rand, on the far right, has his own church now, a seedling plant out in Big Rock, IL, but he's been a partner at LOC so long--he comes faithfully, once a month or so--that we still happily claim him!)

Deacon Luke will be ordained Father Luke eventually, Lord willing...and then who knows where God will take him? But for now, we are so happy to have him serving as deacon at Light of Christ!

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