Monday, January 23, 2006

A Snowflake Link

Thanks to our friend David H. for the link to this science site. You've got to go see the Snowflake Gallery--what beauty the Creator puts into each individual one of his creations. I think snowflakes must be right up there with the lilies of the field--more beautiful than Solomon in all his glory.

One of our favorite science/picture books is a Caldecott Medal winner called Snowflake Bentley, a true story about a man who spent his boyhood and adulthood trying to photograph snowflakes--very difficult with the primitive equipment he had. We interlibraried a copy of the book of his photos that was finally published in the 1930's--and it is incredible.

With today's technology, pictures like the ones in the Snowflake Gallery are possible, with dimension and even color. But I think for sheer artistic effect, Bentley's black and white photos are more dramatic. This site has a one page example, a great quote, and more info about the man (who, incidentally, was homeschooled till age 14. "[We] had a set of encyclopedias. I read them all.")

Enjoy! As Bantam 10 said recently, "I think winter without snow kinda has no point."


Michelle said...

My kids would totally agree with Bantam's statement!...and usually, even though we live in North Carolina, we get snow at least a couple of times each year, but not so this year...I'm still praying and hopeful...lots of time left (even if it is 60 degrees out now!!) :-)!!

Also, happy birthday to your son!! I can totally relate to your feelings in the hospital...When my first was born,I was amazed that they let such clueless people leave the hospital with a brand-new baby :-)!!!

Mama Squirrel said...

We just discovered this book too, and the website! It's really lovely and my kids were totally amazed at Bentley's photographs. We want one of those museum posters that shows the temperature by the shape of the snowflakes!