Monday, January 01, 2018

Blogiversary #12

Last night was my 12-year blogiversary.

It's sad to me that my posts are so infrequent now. When I look back, I'm thrilled to have the record of so many events and moments, and I enjoy reading my own writing. (I find that encouraging.)

But things are different now from those days when I blogged so regularly. I'm just not able to stay awake late at night as I used to! Little kids have become teens who stay up, and my husband stopped traveling nearly 4 years ago. Now I spend busy evenings with them rather than quiet nights writing about them. (Though I sometimes miss those quiet nights.... But I would never trade away the millions of spoken words we've exchanged in those late-night heart-to-hearts!)

Also, as kids get older, one can't write about them as much without crowding their privacy. As we've gone deeper into ministry, the most exciting things I'm observing is how God is transforming lives, but I can't share those stories on the internet. When God is doing such amazing things, other subjects pale in significance and seem trivial to write about!

No matter what subject I choose, there is the need to write cautiously and guardedly--how might this post come across to my employers, or how might this comment, or that one, have unintended consequences? 

And then there's Facebook, that makes it so easy to share a photo and mark the big life events. So why share it again on my blog?

Additionally, I am working now, as a substitute teacher in the public schools. I'm also teaching drama classes and working on directing teams for musicals with our theater group, CYT--which I love and which God keeps confirming as a ministry. Throw in several weekly small groups and my other church involvements, and it doesn't leave much time for laundry and making meals, let alone writing.  

I've tried to reimagine my blog at different points--bullet posts? an online devotional?--but life keeps crowding out my best intentions.

Still, I hesitate to fold it. I have two posts already in process--my annual list/review of books I read last year, and a family update, long overdue and mostly finished.

So I'll keep my little publishing place for now. Cheers! 

A blessed 2018 to any readers I still have! 

(Especially to Moyra from the UK, who has left me a sweet comment every year on my blogiversary post! Your encouragement has meant more to me than you'll ever know!)

 (And also to those of you who tell me in person that you enjoy and miss my blog posts. You have encouraged me so much as a writer!)


Anonymous said...

This blog has meant so much to me over the years. Thank you!

Sarah in Colorado! ;)

Anonymous said...


Life has different cycles, that is sure. Over the years, I have enjoyed your blog postings, but it appears you are now in a different season of life, and that is okay, too. Your photos on FB are wonderful, too.

I agree that nothing replaces the written word.. so glad you have preserved so many memories through the years. . They will always be so fun to look back on. PS: Your Grandpa Harvey loved to write, too. Love,
Aunt Esther

Anonymous said...

Although we have in part, very different world views I have benefited from you heartfelt writings over the past years, despite never commenting. I have missed your updates this year! Best wishes to you and your family for a tremendous and blessed 2018.
MB from NJ

Moyra said...

Here I am! Happy Blogversary!! I am looking forward to the new posts and whatever this blog of yours may evolve into,

What a lovely surprise to get a special mention, thank you.

I seem to have found my blogging voice again after some time of very little to say (plenty going on, but not easy to blog any of it) and I'm now glad I didn't delete my blog completely which was tempting. I have started a new one, which is more about my role as organist and ways of living out my faith as well as my old one which trundles along. It came about because I took on the responsibility for my church's social media accounts.

A very Happy 2018 to you and your family.


At A Hen's Pace said...

Wow, you all surprise me! What a shock to find there were 4 comments waiting for me here! Thank you, everyone--it means so much.

Kellie said...

I'm glad you're still here, even though I'm only an occasional visitor. I found you via Anne Kennedy's blog something like a decade ago, when I think your youngest was marked "Bantam 1.5" and I was in my early twenties! Thank you for the thoughts you've provided over the years.