Thursday, April 19, 2018

Granddaughter #1

Life has been too full lately for blogging, sadly...but I can't skip this milestone! Our first biological grandchild was born on Sunday, in the midst of an unseasonal April snowstorm. Isn't she beautiful??

This is the child of our son B22(soon to be B23) and our dear daughter-in-love, DIL19 (soon to be DIL20). She joins a half brother, soon to be 4, who regards the new baby sister with cautious suspicion! They live within walking distance of us, so we look forward to lots of baby snuggling this summer. 

Both parents are enjoying time off work this week. Last fall, B22 left Starbucks, where he was a shift manager for 3+ years. He worked at Jockey headquarters here in Kenosha for a short stint; then, thanks to a friend who is an executive at a recruiting firm, he started working as a recruiter, an excellent job except for the 50-minute commute to Illinois. DIL is enjoying maternity leave from her barista job, and thankful that she's probably only going back one day a weekend.

We are also anticipating the birth of Granddaughter #2! Blondechick25 is due June 1 but due to her petite frame, they are planning to induce her on Memorial Day weekend. Here's a photo of both my pregnant girls at the Easter Vigil:

And here's a family photo taken on Easter Day (missing Blondechick and Jedi Knight, but including Grandpa Rooster, Uncle Rooster and our niece/cousin):

Here's the last photo of my two pregnant girls, with me and Jedi Knight's mom, taken at Blondechick's baby shower:

It was a coincidence that we all dressed in black and white!

And just a couple weeks later--and a couple weeks earlier than expected--we found ourselves together again at this joyful occasion:

I've been a step-grandparent ever since B22 married DIL19, but this is the first biological, infant grandchild on both sides.

Looking forward to enjoying my new role as Grandma!

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Jessica Snell said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations!