Saturday, December 31, 2005

An Inauspicious Beginning

Well, I'm trying to set this up but it says I can't see how it looks until I post something!

Ok. Now to try a link. How about to Dogpile?

It worked! Yippee!!

Looks like I'll be ready to go on January 1st. Mission accomplished--over and out.

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ERooster said...

To My Hen Honey:

The Hen metaphor from St. Teresa reminds me of another Saint-- namely, Saint Basil. He speaks of the Spirit of God hovering over creation, as described in Genesis, and Wilken in his _The Spirit of Early Christian Thought_ summarizes Basil's interpretation in this way: "The Holy Spirit is like a bird that covers her eggs with her body and by her body's warmth imparts the vital force that will give them life."

I've always considered the mother's fruitfulness being expressed in two ways: through her creative "pecking" and her maternal, warm, and life-giving presence.

May many "hens" be inspired in their pecking and in the mystery of maternity as they read your site, my dear sweet wife.


Your "Rooster"