Friday, January 13, 2006

Sky High

This was a fun movie--and not just for kids!!

At the beginning, the basic premise reminded me of The Incredibles (only with live actors). The main character is the son of two super-heroes, attending high school for superheroes in training. But this movie is more about the high school experience than about saving the world or fighting evil villains. The messages are good--the main character chooses loyalty to friends over what will bring him more popularity, confesses breaking the one rule given him by his dad and thereby empowering the evil villain, the scary Goth kid at school isn't the villain he looks, the beautiful popular girl isn't the goddess she appears, and the loser kids (aka the Sidekicks) save the day.

Returning this to the video store tonight, the Bantams envisioned owning this and watching it over and over someday when they are grown up and can do whatever they want. ("It'll be pretty old by then," Bantam 10 said, "but I won't care.")

The stunts were amazing, and most were done by the teen actors. Be sure and watch the extra feature about the new techniques used for the stunt work.

Kiddie alert--this could be scary for younger kids because the stunts involve lots of crashing through walls, glass, etc.; also because the Goth character's superpower involves his arms appearing to be on fire. (No bad language or sexual situations though.)


Anonymous said...

just stopping by, thought I should comment. Kirsten gave me the link to your blog a couple days ago, wow! Really neat site! Makes me want to write something intelligent on mine-- instead of randomly posting about whatever pops into my head =P

( is the url of my blog, it might fit under the 'boring catagory though... so be warned! =D)

Oh, and happy belated birthday =)

-Brett (from debate club)

Holly said...

Hi! Just visiting your blog...looks like you're doing wonderfully! :)

I've loved reading your quotes and a little bit about your is always good to learn of a family friendly movie.

Thanks so much!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Hi Brett--Thanks so much for dropping by! I did go visit you at your site--tried to leave a comment but got hung up having to sign in as a xanga member. (I was short on time.)

It wasn't too boring :). I did try to say that yeah, I think intelligent would be good, especially for a debater with as fine a mind as I'm sure you have. As they say...If ya got it, flaunt it!

Thanks for encouraging Blondechick to stay in debate. I hope she can make it to a tournament sometime but it's going to be tough with her rehearsal schedule for ANNIE. We'll have to see what might work out.

Mrs. Hen

At A Hen's Pace said...


Thank you so much for visiting--you made my day!

Hope you're doing well--when are you due?

I'll follow in your blog....