Monday, January 16, 2006

Snow Flurries


Paul said...

We want some snow. Big fluffy flakes!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my site, you were probably a little freaked out by the pink, huh? Hehe.

Well I'm glad she's doing debate (blondechick, oh... and sorry for using her name in my last comment =/), the more people the better!

I thought itt was great that everyone from last semester came back on Thursday!

The first half of the year is usually kind of boring... and tough to understand (for new people). The second half is alot more fun, and you get to debate more (actually debating = fun)... so people who stop after the frst half miss all the fun! (nobody misses the fun woohoo!)

Anyway... yeah, tournamentst are time consuming, and I know how the scheduling thing works, believe me! I just found out that the only 'qualifying' tournament in Illinois (Naperville) is scheduled for March 24-25, and my bro's wedding is the 25th... oh well, I guess not EVERYTHING comes before debate =D

Actually... most of the 'qualifying tournaments' are in April, I believe. But alot are in March too...


Circle of Quiet said...

Beautiful! We've had a year and a half's worth of rain, but no snow this year. I love watching it fall.


At A Hen's Pace said...


Oooooh, I'm sorry about all that rain and no snow. My 10 year old son just said the other day that winter without snow has no point at all, as far as he can see.

On the other hand, maybe ya gotta pay a price for all that beauty there in CA! Your last set of pix was gorgeous!!

Thought of you tonight--when my dh came home with a box of Trader
Joe's truffles that a friend had given us!