Thursday, March 23, 2006


We've been working hard all week on auditions for the next show--Tom Sawyer! The strains of "Tomorrow," "It's a Hard Knock Life," "Little Girls," and "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" have been replaced by "Popular" (from Wicked) and "Why Am I Me?" (from Shenandoah).

This morning I overheard Chicklet 3 and Bantam 7 singing "Why Am I Me?" together, word-perfect!

The dark cloud hanging over our week has been--sickness. Blondechick 13 was knocked out for Monday and Tuesday with an achy flu, while Bantam 7 suffered all day Monday with stomach cramps and throwing up. We rejoiced on Wednesday that no one was sick!--but I've been praying, since Monday, that the two who are auditioning on Friday night would either be spared, or get it over with before then.

So, it was with relief this morning that I heard the news from Chicklet 3 that Bantam 10.75 was sick. Sure enough, he had a stomachache and was asking for a bucket. Next I went to get Bitty Bantam from his crib...and was met by an incredible stench as I opened the door. He was covered in vomit and appeared to have slept all night in it--eewwwww! After two shampoos, his hair still smells sour. He seems to be feeling all right now...

Blondechick 13 was a crab all morning, sure that she was going to get it tomorrow right before her audition. So what a relief it was, this afternoon, to hear her calling from her bedroom--where she was supposed to be staying away from the others and doing her math--for a bucket! Praise God for answered prayer. Yippee!

Now, guess who will probably miss auditions? Yeah, me. The last couple of shows, we have all gone and watched them all. It's like a variety show; everybody has one minute to get up and show off their best stuff. Some are hilarious, some absolutely wow you, some are painfully bad. But they're all fun to watch! I'll be so bummed if I'm sick and can't go. And Chicklet 3 hasn't got it yet either....

You know who else is potentially in trouble now? Papa Rooster has to write a sermon and preach it Sunday. Yikes!

Better resume my prayers--Lord, have mercy!


HolyMama! said...

i'll pray too! let's retire the bucket brigade at your house and just pray you well!

sparrow said...

ooohhh - that's not good - It's not contagious over the internet is it?

Hope you all get well soon!