Friday, March 24, 2006

Sick KIds

At bedtime last night, I succumbed to fever. It had been oncoming for an hour or so before that. I just hoped I could sleep through it and wake up fine in the morning.

But at 2:30 a.m., Chicklet 3 started throwing up. And continued to do so, every 10-15 minutes, for the next 2.5 hours. TEN TIMES I jumped out of bed, feverish as I was, and raced to her side. (I had sent Papa Rooster to the basement to sleep in the guest room.) And TEN TIMES, she hit the bucket--what a good girl! There was nothing in her tummy after about the fourth time, though, and there was one precious moment when she whispered over the bucket, after dry heaving again, "This is"

Yes, dear, this is hard. (Hard for mama to watch.) And you are such a trooper.

It's funny how illness brings out the sweet side of my kids. Bantam 7, back on Monday when this started, asked me over and over to pray for him, and he thanked me over and over for being his mom. Bantam 10.75 also thanked me repeatedly for my time, care, love, help..and for being his mom. He asked me to pray for him a half dozen or more times, and as often happens when he's sick, he waxed philosophical. "Is sickness evil?...Am I being punished for my sin?...Will there be sickness in heaven?...If God can make it so there is no sickness in heaven, why doesn't He make it so there's no sickness on earth?...Aren't we in God's presence now?"

Tough questions, son. No easy answers, either.

The two who have auditions tonight are still dragging and too weak to practice singing and dancing. I'm glad we put as much work as we did into their numbers last week, but it's so disappointing that they're not going to have the last minute polish they need. Hopefully they'll perk up before 7:30 tonight!


Anonymous said...

Your Bantam 10.75 sound like my 8 year old, who asks similar questions when she is sick. I am so sorry you are all going through this. I hope they are better for the auditions. (prayers going up for you all now.) My 11 year old will be in "Heidi" on Monday. I will try to send you pics if I can get some good ones!


Donna Boucher said...

Be well.
Praying for your little brood.