Saturday, April 22, 2006

And here it is--done, except for mulch. Now, you probably think there's not much to see here, but what I see is: a lemon balm free zone!!

Don't ever let lemon balm, as lovely smelling as it is, ever get started without knowing exactly what you are doing. It started coming up "volunteer," as my mom says, from my neighbor's side of the fence, and since there was not much else growing in that bed, I let it get started. Big mistake. It spreads like spilled milk and it ain't easy to pull out either. It and the weeds were taking over till I started pulling it out last year. This year I've caught the remnants, I hope!

All the way down there at the end, I was much smarter with a start of spearmint I was given. Do you see it there, in something that looks like a laundry tub with the bottom cut out buried up to its rim? That's what it is, in fact, and there it has been nicely contained for years!

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