Saturday, April 22, 2006

I tackled this job on a different day. That's my neighbor's fence on the right, and my flower bed on the left. It's such a waste of gardening effort, as none of us ever goes around here to enjoy it, but of course my neighbor sees it, so I have to do something with it.

This bed used to be all hedge which needed trimming several times a summer, so when the weight of snow pulled the hedge over and out by the roots, we didn't mind. I threw lots of mulch down and let it go, occasionally transplanting some shade-loving plants like hosta, Lenten Rose and lungwort there.

Later in the summer, there is trumpet vine covering the fence opposite my kitchen window, and can you see the bird house and the bottom of the bird feeder there above the fence? The birds love them, so my view isn't as bad as it looks in this picture.

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