Friday, July 14, 2006

Things to Remember About Bitty Bantam at 17 Months

1. His long, silky curls in the back.
2. How "cool" he looks with overlong hair, just like his big brothers and all the boys in our theater group.
3. His big belly, especially hanging out over the top of his swimming trunks. Seen from behind, he looks petite for a little boy, then he turns sideways, and whoa!--he looks like a middle aged guy who sure enjoys his beer!
4. The way he silently gives me a quick little shake of his head when he doesn't want another bite of something.
5. The way he eyes me just before the silent head shake.
6. His first word: "Yeeaahhh!" (when asked if he'd like a banana or cup of milk)
7. The elven appearance of those widely-spaced, slightly-slanted eyes.
8. His determined, happy little march, looking down at the ground, going as far as he can before I call to him to turn around.
9. The way he sometimes swings his head as he walks along--not from side to side, but pointing his crown to the left, then the right, and back. How does he keep his balance while he's walking?
10. His belly laugh when you tickle him.
11. How, when something strikes him as funny, he cracks up laughing so hard he can't stand up.
12. How he silently lowers himself to the ground, shaking with laughter.
13. The way he lays his head down on my shoulder as soon as I pick him up.
14. The way he lays his head down on my knee while I'm sitting down, then lifts it up and looks at me, smiles, and lays it back down.
15. The way he cuddles with anyone who picks him up.

Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from God; the fruit of the womb is a reward.

Thank you Lord, for such a great gift...and for rewarding us six times over with such blessings, despite our many failings.

(Thank you, Christ, that we are made worthy in You!)

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Islandsparrow said...

Oh my, you make me miss my own little toddlers AND look forward to grandbabies...