Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Correction and a Funny

I was sitting on the bed talking with my husband last night, when my eye fell upon one of my copies of The Pace of a Hen on my bookshelf. (I like to have two copies of some books--a lending copy and one that I know I'll always have available.) The author's name leaped off the spine at me...and I couldn't believe it. Here I've been calling her Josephine Moffatt--and it is actually Josephine Moffett Benton!

Not only have I been leaving off her last name, but I've been misspelling her middle name.

"That's unlike you," Papa Rooster observed.

Thank you, honey.


"Yes, I see the shoe," I said to a smart-aleck Bantam 11. "What I need you to do is locate the other one."

He retorted, "How can I locate the other one when I don't even know where it is?"


Jennifer said...

I haven't gone to Amazon yet to order "The hen book" , I'm glad for once for my procrastination.. Thanks for sending in the correction, so we can find it. I love all the quotes you post from it.

Jenny in Ca

rightwriters said...

Bantam 11 is a blonde little pain in the butt. ;]

But we all love him.


Islandsparrow said...

When I would lose something and then ask my mother where it was, she would say "Where did you leave it?"...

That comment always drove me insane - if I KNEW where I left it, it wouldn't be lost!!

At A Hen's Pace said...


Glad you procrastinated! Try Half.com first, though.

And thank you SO MUCH for your sweet nomination of me to win a Homeschool Blogger t-shirt! One of my friends is a field editor for TOS and she let me know right away. I feel very loved and appreciated--whether I get a shirt or not. (((((Hugs!))))

Blondechick--Cute. Very cute.

IslandSparrow--Believe it or not, I do the same thing to my kids! Although I try to phrase it, "Where did you see it last?" A little more helpful, I hope!

Liquidoxology said...

Say Hi to Bantam 11 - I love this kind of dry logic. Especially knowing this particular speaker of those words...

Sheila said...

At least these illogical responses are from children. My husband's standard response to such queries is "It's around here somewhere." Wow - that sure nails it down!

I'd been yearning for my crochet patterns and tea infuser that disappeared after our move to this house 9 years ago and finally located them this spring when cleaning and sorting through boxes in the basement. That's 9 years of Job's Comforter insisting "It's around here somewhere."

I'll bet there are many interesting stories out in the blogosphere about the different kinds of inanities spawned by the question, "Where is _______ ?"