Saturday, September 23, 2006

Extreme Makeup Meeting!

Well, we had a most productive time last night. We are so fortunate to have a real artist--that's what he does for a living--on our Makeup Committee for The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe!

That's an Owl and a Raccoon first--imagine their hair pulled back under the hood of a furry or feathery costume.

The pale, pretty face is a Cruelie, one of the White Witch's dancing entourage. Blondechick 13 is a Cruelie,and her two requests were: please could their makeup not be too ugly, and could they not have to wear a white base. I think we fulfilled her first desire, at least! (Technically, that's a pale blue base--it looks white but not dead-white, like a mime. Personally, I think it looks cool!)

Do you recognize Bantam 11 there as an Evil Narnian? That's sort of a basic design for an Ogre or an Evil Dwarf, complete with toad-like warts! But he enjoyed going around rehearsal last night telling everyone that he was made up as a Fairy or a Woodland Maiden. Ha, ha, ha.


Cool Mama said...

GREAT MAKEUP!! Amazing what alittle shadowing and highlighting can do eh?? Hey! That's sounds alittle like 'my life' at times!! Hmmmm....

5KidMom said...

Very COOL!! This should be a beautiful show. 8^)

Deborah said...

Wow! Amazing make up!! How fun!

BTW- I am putting a post up today that links back to your Letters, Written on my Heart Post :) Thanks for the thinking material!

rightwriters said...

Oh, isn't Bantam11 a babe?
I can't wait to try out the make-up for the Crulies! It's going to be an interesting test to see if i can stand looking as ugly as that. ;]

Love you mom-