Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In Other News....

Right Writers Banish Wordiness

The Right Writers, a homeschooled writing class taught by the mother of two of the students, are on a campaign to eliminate wordiness from their writing. In class last Friday afternoon, the students agreed to use journalistic style for their next assignment. This style is characterized by direct, straightforward sentences. "There's no room for wordiness in this type of communication," their teacher, known as Mama Hen, stated. The students, who publish their work on a class website, use pseudonyms to protect their real-life identities. One of the students, known online as Pickle13, commented, "This new assignment will be an amazing challenge for me because I really am always tempted to use a lot of words when I probably don't really need to use that many." Another student, known as The Jockulator, stated, "I think my classmates are up to the challenge." The students' assignments are due next Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Following your fine example, Mama Hen, our learners here are developing their own blog---I mean, website ~smile~. You inspire many! Thank you.

All is grace,