Friday, November 10, 2006

"Actually," I've meant for some time to link to a couple of great posts from M-mv.

The best way to teach your kids Shakespeare--and learn along with them!

Homeschooling: It all begins with you. (A recent restatement of her famous post.)

And here's a quote from today's post:

We are ill-served by the false impression that simply because we home educate, we are providing a superior education. We need a periodic reality check, and the fact is that some homeschoolers are un(der)prepared for more conventional academic success.

And you know what? I'd prefer that my students not find themselves ill-equipped because of my poor planning or inadequate preparation. Treating this endeavor with the same commitment and, yes, professionalism I bring to my more conventional work may help me avoid failure -- mine and theirs.

The whole post is here.

My hat's off to you, Mrs. Mental-Multivitamin.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link/nod. Your recommendation to your readers is an encouragement to me. Again, many thanks.