Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We Won!

With just 51% of the vote, our friend Peter Roskam won in Illinois' 6th Congressional District! It wasn't as late a night as we expected, since Tammy Duckworth graciously conceded as soon as the statistical election was over.

For the "You Were There With Us at the Party on Election Night" feeling--and to hear what a genuinely great guy Peter is--watch this video of his acceptance speech. (You can also see something of what a neat lady his wife, my friend Elizabeth, is and those are his lovely daughters there on the right. His two sons, Bantam11's friends, were just outside of this shot.)

He said, "There's a lot of people to thank, but above all, I want to thank God that I live in a country where free people can exercise the right to self-govern, and that is a great, great blessing, friends, and God has been good."

We've never been more excited about an election victory. We believe God was in this, and He has great things for Peter to accomplish in Washington. (Remember his name--you're going to hear it again!)

Thank you, all of you who prayed. You joined a campaign that was rooted and grounded in prayer.


Donna Boucher said...



Thank you, Lord!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! What a joyous relief it was to hear Peter won late last night on the radio :) It is still very disappointing to know that only 51% of the voters are interested in protecting the lives of babies.


Anonymous said...

H!, I tried to send this to you as an email, but it was returned to me, saying your mailbox is full. Maybe we have an old address for you. Here is the text of the email:

I do hope you and yours are doing well. I am just so happy for you with the election victory of Peter Roskam. I always check election results from "back home" and was happy to see this one. When you talk to the Roskams next, please congratulate them on the hard work, and assure them that they have the prayers of some folks here in Ohio. We did not fare as well in our election (Governor & one Senator), but our house Rep., Pat Tiberi, did win. And the smoking ban was upheld ~ now a state law, so those with lung disease can breathe a bit easier.

Thanks for passing that on to the Roskams, and God bless,
Michelle & family

Amy said...

I kept watching for you on TV but only saw our deacon friend during one of Peter's interviews.

Glad you had fun, and I agree that his name will be heard again!

Anonymous said...

It troubles me that you assume God supported Peter Roskam, or any candidate for that matter. Did God not listen to the prayers of Tammy Duckworth or her supporters?

At A Hen's Pace said...

Dear Anonymous (if you ever check back here),

I didn't say or assume that God supported Peter Roskam or that He didn't listen to the prayers of other candidates.

I said, "We believe God was in this"--as He is in everything. I believe God works all things together for good and to accomplish His purposes. I believe He has good works for Peter to do in Washington. I don't know if prayer was what "accomplished" the outcome of the election, and I didn't say that...but I do know that Peter is a man of prayer and that his campaign was grounded in prayer.

Perhaps the same is true of Tammy Duckworth--I have no way of knowing.

If Peter had lost, would I feel that God had not answered our prayers? No, I would have assumed that He had chosen to answer them in His own way and for His own purposes. I hope believing, praying Duckworth supporters--or Christian supporters of any losing candidate--trust Him in the same way!