Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Fun

After last week's 3 dress rehearsals and 5 performances in 6 my parents visiting over the weekend...

This week, I have been using my time wisely. Oh, so wisely. Today I stayed far, far from the computer and instead, battled mountainous piles of accumulated paper. Sitting at the table with my boys, keeping their little noses to the books and my foot elevated on a chair, I conquered and flattened those mountains till there is only one small hill of debris unfiled and unprocessed. (Not counting a completely separate mountain range of much more ancient material.)

In the midst of this great sorting project, I found the perfect Valentine's Day post.

You may recall that in December, Papa Rooster and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. On that occasion, our kids made anniversary cards for us, and their notes to us were just priceless. (And so reflective of their personalities!) Here is what the products of our love have to say about us and our relationship:


I (heart) Dad (picture of Dad with conversation bubble: "I got no hair.")

hey dad
you are in style dad. dad i love you so much. I (heart) your beard. it is so cool. you ar so cool. Haapy Anniversary. Maary Christmas.

I (heart) Mom (picture of Mom with conversation bubble: "I got hair.")

hey mom
hey mom I (heart) you so much mom. I (heart) you as much as dad. you ar so cool mom. you are so prietey. Haapy Anniversary. Maary Christmas.

Bantam 11:

To my mom and Dad
Happy Anniversary

Dear Mom, Thank you for so much in the family. I know we're not much help in the family. But without you we wouldn't be a perfect family. You fill in the cracks.

Dear Dad, I remember the first time I saw you. You were in college. You and Mom looked great! I thank God for a perfect Dad.


Front page has a comic strip made (on the computer) with photos of Storm Trooper and Martian Legos:

"Everyone evacuate the area! It's Mom and Dad's Anniversary!"
"What did the Earthling say?"
"You heard, stupid, stinking Martian!"
"Wait, why are Mom and Dad wearing space suits?" (photo of male and female Lego mini-figures in space suits, with a large pink heart above them)

Dear Mom & Dad,

Mars to Earth! Mars to Earth! This is astronaut _______ (our son's first and last name) speaking. Mars to Earth! Wishing you a happy anniversary of 2006! Thanks for being my parents. If you two hadn't come together, none of us would have ever been born or even known. I pray that God will bless your marriage and that you will live a long healthful life. I haven't much to say but I will try to say what I need to say quickly. Oh, thanks for helping me along with my life. Currently I've somewhat ruined my life and everything [he has a way of being overly dramatic], and please keep helping me along with making and doing things the right way. Thanks for everything! Love...


My dearest parents,

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe you guys have been married for 20 years already! Well, I guess I can't say "already" because I've only been in 14 years of your marriage! I'm so happy God gave me to you to take care of. I couldn't ask for any better parents. You guys are so amazing even if you think that sometimes you aren't the best parents. I'll always love you both no matter what! I hope you guys will continue with your healthy, strong, Christian marriage forever and ever, till the end. Love you both...

Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetheart....

Looking forward to our usual date,
As long as you're not in another state,
Or arriving from the airport far too late!
What a sad event that would be to relate,
What a long wait
Without your bald pate
Appearing out by the gate.
Ah, I pray that will not be our fate;
It's a possibility I do hate.
But whatever happens, my dear mate,
You know that, always, with me you do RATE!


the Razzler said...

Just blog hopping .. Cool Blog ... :) :)

G's Cottage said...

So sweet. Hope you are creating a 20th anniversary album to save those with photos of the authors.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Pianomum

At A Hen's Pace said...


What a great idea! I'm not good at albums, but maybe could start one like that!


HSArtgirl said...


I just found your blog through a friend. I have an almost-15yo AS boy. Reading your note from Bantam16 was like reading a note from my son!! You don't know how comforting it is to know my son is NOT the only child who acts this way!

Blessings and happy anniversary from one AS Mom to another (and we just had our 20 year anniversary last August!).

At A Hen's Pace said...

Welcome HSArtGirl--and congratulations to you too! Have you seen the AS blog for Christian parents--AS Kids Are Cool? Oh my word, I just realized I have no link to it yet in the sidebar. Must remedy that soon!

Anyway, check it out too--and welcome!