Thursday, February 15, 2007

Minor Details

I've been gone all day...

But Papa Rooster did make it home last night for our Valentine's Day date yesterday; he managed to leave early and catch the only flight going to Chicago from Newark, NJ the whole day! (Lots of weather they were having in NJ, don't ya know.) We had a lovely romantic night at home doing our traditional V's Day date.

Then he had to leave again at 4:30 a.m. for one more overnight....

My doctor today said my foot looks good--just the normal amount of swelling now--yay! I'm still limping because of it, but I'm able to be on my feet about 50% of the time, now, I'd say--a big improvement. Overall, I'm feeling much more capable and close to being myself again. It's been a long six weeks since my surgery.

I've been trying to write birthday posts for Bantams8 and 2, but between dress rehearsals, performances, house guests, Dad being out of town, and homeschooling make-up's been kinda busy around here.

Three more public performances and two more cast parties this weekend before the clock strikes twelve on Cinderella!


Randi said...

So glad to hear that you foot is healing! You have had a rough time since the surgery, for sure!

Enjoy the Cinderella performances!

Jenny in Ca said...

I am glad for you that your foot is improving! will be praying for you still. you sound really busy right now.

God bless you, hen!