Monday, February 05, 2007


I see I unintentionally created a little drama, about the name of our church plant!

We've settled on most of the name at least: "Light of Christ."

What is still pending is the rest of it. Light of Christ Church? Light of Christ Community? Light of Christ Worship Community? Light of Christ: A Worshiping Community? We want it to be the name of a church, but the church will have this community attached to it, soooo... Whadya think?

Whatever it says on our check register, it'll probably be known informally as just "Light of Christ."

This name occurred to us because this church was birthed during Epiphany. In fact, in my post here about the first service, that Sunday's collect included the phrase "Jesus Christ is the light of the world."

We pray that this church will be the light of Christ in a darkened area of the city of Kenosha. Don't think of it as a slum or anything; the properties around the church are neat and kept up, but it's a lower middle-class, blue-collar, mixed-race area that feels depressed.

We are also aware of the preservation aspect of a monastery. In the Dark Ages, the only "light" was in the monasteries, where books, culture and learning were preserved. We feel strongly that part of our call is to preserve and pass on the ancient ways, the Great Tradition, "that which has been believed everywhere, always, and by all." There are a lot of Christians out there, young people, especially, who are looking for moorings, for anchors for their faith. They are not interested in hooking up with a personality--they've seen too many Ted Haggards rise and fall. The timeless liturgies make them feel safe, they say.

The light of Christ penetrates. It illumines. It protects. It brings hope. It can spread, as one candle lights another. It burns. It is not to be hidden. It transforms. Light brings life.

It's a good name, don't you think?


tonia said...

I like it a lot!

Exciting days!!

Anonymous said...

Great choice...I like The Light of Christ Worship Community ;)

maria said...

Cool. Thanks for breaking the suspense. :) It is good choice - with lots of possible variations. It was interesting to hear about the type of area the property is in. I don't think I've picked up on that from your previous posts. It sounds like a place that needs that Light.

Kathryn said...

An excellent choice! Looking forward to hearing more.

Randi said...

I like Light of Christ Worship Community the best, but I do wonder if people will know that the church is open to all visitors and not just the community you will be living in. Whatever you choose, I know that it will be perfect!