Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chocolate and Mushrooms

Chicklet4, after coming in from playing in the snow: "Mommy, I had chocolate milk with mushrooms in it."

Me, half-listening: "Mushrooms? Ew."

Chicklet: "It was hot chocolate milk. [My sister] made it. With mushrooms in it. They were crunchy."

Me: "Oh! Do you mean hot chocolate with marshmallows?"


Randi said...

The marshmallows sound much better!

Bss said...

It's so much fun being the translator when they are little. My littlest one came to me one day saying, "He's a shellfish!" It took a few rounds back and forth before I finally understood that he was trying to say, 'He's being selfish." lol

Donna Boucher said...

Ew. That sounds just horrible...and slimy.

Glad to hear it was marshmallows!