Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Died and Gone to Heaven

Chicklet4 was on a roll today...

Chicklet (as we were getting ourselves out the door for tonight's dress rehearsal): "Mom, are you guys going to [theater group's name]? Because I want to go too."

Me: "Yes, we are, but you're not coming tonight. No little kids tonight, I'm sorry."

Me, changing immediately to a very bright tone: "But you can come Friday night and see Cinderella! Another musical! Won't that be great!"

Chicklet: "Oh, yes! And then will we die?"

Me (startled): "What?"

Chicklet: "Because I want to go to heaven and see what it's like."

(Apparently, for a 4 year old girl...once you've seen Cinderella, there isn't much else left to live for!)


Jenny in Ca said...

I am laughing so hard at this!

so very cute!!

Erin said...

So cute. :)