Friday, February 09, 2007

The school day performances went well! But it was a long day for my poor foot.

I got lots of pictures...even a few good ones, I think. But alas, no time to put them up yet--

Today, my kids are doing schoolwork at my friend's house and I have just a few hours to clean up my junk room guest room before my parents arrive this afternoon. We'll spend about an hour with them before we have to leave for Opening Night. They're going to babysit BANTAM2 (today's his birthday!!) tonight, and see the show tomorrow afternoon with my husband's parents. Then they'll all go out to dinner afterward...we'll have another show to do. I feel so bad that they come all this way and we hardly get to see them while they're here.

And poor Bantam2--no birthday post and no time to celebrate his birthday today. At least he's pretty clueless!


All I've got for ya today is this little exchange which happened a couple days ago. I had just posted something else, so it was perfect to save it for a busy day like today:

We were having a conversation this morning about how the kids needed to shape up and concentrate on their school work and not talk so much and distract each other.

Yes, it truly was a conversation; I was not freaking out and yelling as is my wont, but trying more of a "win them over to my side" approach. The kids were even chipping in with their ideas when appropriate.

"Yeah, and no more sinning, " Bantam11 added.

Mishearing him, I responded lightly, "No, singing is allowed. God wants us to sing. He says so in the Bible." I was going to specifiy when singing might be distracting to others, however, when the looks on my kids' faces stopped me short.

Having heard him correctly, they had misheard me. "WHAT?" Blondechick14 demanded. "Sinning is now allowed??"

"SINGING," I enunciated.

Suddenly we all broke into laughter.

Bantam11 said, "Mom, I thought maybe you've been lying to us all these years and now suddenly you were telling us the truth. Like, it's okay to hit your brother. Go ahead!"


SeaBird said...

Hello to a fellow Mom of boys! I found your site from a homeschooling search. I've enjoyed reading through it - lots of good info!

(and I love the soy pumpkin mousse photo!!)


Amy said...

Well, since singing is allowed...

Please sing Happy Birthday to (sigh) Bantam2 for me. I'll really miss the "Bitty" moniker. They sure do grow up fast!

P.S. You know your kids were so hoping they'd heard you right about sinning, don't you?