Monday, March 26, 2007

Get Real Monday: Spring Cleaning Edition

Randi at I Have To Say... is reviving her monthly "Get Real Monday" with the "Spring Cleaning Edition." She's challenged her readers to "pick your own must-be-cleaned spot (or spots) in your house and post them on your blog."

So I will admit that I can never, ever keep a clean desk! Fortunately my desk in our living room is a roll-top desk, so at least I can pull the top down on the mess. But since I never use it, it just accumulates more stuff "to be dealt with later." Alas, it seems that "later" never comes!

This second photo shows my desk in my bedroom, and this is the more functional of the two. I actually keep my laptop set up here most of the time. But look what happened over the weekend, while my laptop was packed up and taken out with me during the kids' rehearsals for Seussical!

In the spirit of true confessions, I just cleaned up a much more impressive mess--piles and piles of homeschool curriculum on our bedroom floor, now reduced to a couple of boxes in the hallway. They're headed for the used curriculum sale next month. Too bad I didn't take a "before" picture; we've been waltzing around those stacks for much longer than I will publicly admit!

Join others who are "getting real" here.


anonymous jones said...

Hi! There is a difference between cleaning and tidying, don't you think? Your desk looks like the latter.

At A Hen's Pace said...

A. Jones--

True, true. I should have zoomed in so you can see the fine layer of DUST on the items that have been there--ahem--quite awhile!

Carol said...

I can't keep my desk tidy, either. Why is that?

I love that screen at the back of yours! Very cool how you use it to tuck notes and photos in like a memo board. Love it!

Thanks for playing along with us!

Randi said...

"it just accumulates more stuff "to be dealt with later."

I have a number of areas like that in my house! Maybe we both have a procrastination streak in us??? ;)

Thanks for posting!

At A Hen's Pace said...


The screen has worked out well, both for display, and for its main purpose--to create a larger closet area for my husband's suitcases (he travels a good bit), shoe collection, and everything else that a too-small closet can't contain.




Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

My desk looks a lot like yours, I can never seem to get it under control :-(
perhaps after I tackle my areas I'll move onto my desk!

Susie said...

Love your rolltop desk! Clutter hardly counts if you can't see it, does it??
Happy Spring!!

Jenny said...

I love the screen behind your desk!
My desk seems to collect everything I don't know what to do with. I should really add it to be list!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I will have to do this, with my GARAGE, the one place I cannot seem to get organized no matter how hard I try.


Prairie Princess said...

Our desk looks good right now because we moved it about 3 days ago. Give it another 3 days and it will be awful again.

Anonymous said...

My desks look just like yours! And it seems to happen overnight.

Thanks for posting and for visiting!

(I love your blog title. I'm such a fan of chickens!)