Friday, March 14, 2008

Written on 9/28/07

There's a moment in the musical Charlotte's Web when Wilbur the Pig realizes that he can talk. Naturally--since it's a musical--he bursts into song:

I can talk!
I can talk!
I can actually factually TALK!

Isn't it great
That I articulate?
Isn't it grand
That you can understand?

We've had a similar metamorphosis at our house. Bantam2 has gone from communicating the bare essentials in one and two word utterances without the aid of initial consonants--to suddenly offering full-sentence commentary on everything going on around him. This boy has OPINIONS!

"Dat's 'nuff, [Bantam8], dat's NUFF!" he insisted the other morning at breakfast, as Bantam8 poured himself a heaping bowl of cereal.

"I do drawers!" he told me proudly after chore time. It took me a minute. "Oh, you did chores?" I asked. "Ye-ah," he said, drawing it out into two satisfied syllables.

He does the same thing with the word "no." When I'm guessing wrong about something he's saying, he'll smilingly say, "no-oh" in two syllables with a rising inflection--sounding just like an adult with infinite patience.

"Wai(t)!" he said, holding firmly to his cup as I tried to refill it. "I ginking!" he insisted, staring me down as he lifted the cup to his lips.

"I done," he announced recently at lunch. "I dough want dis food."

But no words of his have been more like music to my ears than these: "I want go poppy now!"

And with that, laid-back toilet training has begun. He's motivated. "I want dan-dee!" he says.

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Jenny in Ca said...

oh how very sweet, I hope you get it all on video. I always hoped for an easy potty trainer, I guess my last was that-I was glad to experience easy, our #3 was hard to train...