Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Post I Didn't Mean to Write

This week I haven't allowed myself much blogging time because I MUST--in between meals and laundry and coaching freshman daughters on presentations and being an audience for thespians practicing auditions--get my house ready to put on the market!

It's not coming together very fast.

But my carpet guy is coming on Friday, so we have to have the floor completely cleared by then. And the handyman guy is finishing up tomorrow with the final trim around the bathroom floor and putting up a new light fixture.

And now I'm going to have him hang curtain rods as well, because thanks to Heather's candor about my "awesome 80's mauve" blinds, I got the bright idea of covering them up with a valance. (And the mauve halogen lamp had already been moved to my daughter's bedroom, Heather, I forgot.)

And why not put up valances to hide the battered roller shades in the other bedrooms upstairs as well?

So on top of everything else, I've been valance shopping and trying and returning and shopping this week. I have good ones now for the bedrooms; still need something perfect for the master bedroom.

I had hoped the Grand Canyoneers would have pictures to post, but I forgot Papa Rooster had a quick turnaround with MORE travel this week. So he won't get to selecting his best pictures until this weekend. Bantam12 might get around to writing about his trip, but all he wants to do right now is catch up on his schoolwork, and am I going to interfere with that impulse??

(Note to the world: After complaining about several of his Sonlight (Alt. 6) books this year, he's suddenly hit a good patch. He loved Mary, Bloody Mary by Carolyn Meyer and The Second Mrs. Giaconda by E.L. Konigsburg, and he's engrossed right now in The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood.)

So what I'm trying to get around to saying is: I found a draft I wrote last September about Bantam2-at-the-time, that for some reason I never quite finished. So I thought I might post it today--but now I've written a post! Silly me.

I guess I'll save it for tomorrow.

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Brea said...

Many prayers for a quick house sell, J! (Although I still think y'all should consider Central Texas for your next residence ...)