Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Almost Forgot!

I do have something to post today! I've been meaning to point y'all over to a new blog, Square Peg in a Round Hole.

Church of the Rez-goers may remember Kathy and Jeff, who moved to Omaha a few years back? Papa Rooster and I know them well--we did their marriage counseling!

Well, they're still married (yes!) and thriving; they are active in leadership in their local church. And now Kathy has started a thoughtful blog that I'm going to enjoy keeping up with!

Here are her thoughts on Kathleen Norris' books The Cloister Walk and Amazing Grace:

She is a poet, and I must admit I don’t always understand her love and devotion to poetry and words. But I also know that in my life, it was revolutionary for me to realize that my overly thinking, intellectual, rational mind wasn’t responding to the cerebral focused churches of my childhood not b/c they weren’t intellectual enough; but rather I needed a worship that spoke to my heart and soul. Which, although it may seem to some to be paradoxical, I found in a more liturgical & sacramental worship. And I’m loving her books for I find that she can articulate my emotional reactions to this style of worship in a way that I simply can’t.

I love it. I could have written it. (Only not so well!)

So go say hello! She's got some great titles and recommendations on her "Bookshelf."

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