Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wickershams. Hello....

Rehearsals for Seussical, the Musical are well underway!

This afternoon, after practice, I'm meeting with the director and my co-chair to agree on such details as:

We do want the Grinch green, right?
Blue hair on Thing One and Thing Two? Wigs, or tease and spray their own?
Real or drawn-on whiskers on the Cat in the Hat?
Trunk or no trunk on Horton the Elephant? (None, I hope....)
Minimal details on the Jungle Animals, right? Do their costumes cover their hair or do we have to think about hairstyles for all 37 of them?
Should the Bird Girls' eyeshadow match their costumes or all be the same?
We certainly want false eyelashes and glitter on them and Mayzie LaBird, right?

Doesn't that sound like more fun than grown-ups should be allowed to have? Even more fun will be spending our committee's budget picking out such fun items as wigs, beards, eyelashes, glitter, and colored hairspray!

Then I have to go home and do laundry. And make dinner.

It's more fun in Seuss-land!


And now...Bantam11's on YouTube!

The following video was made the first night the Wickersham Brothers learned the dance to "Monkey Around," so they could review it and practice. (They've since changed it, replacing the pushups with some better moves.) Bantam11 is the shortest, youngest kid in a yellow t-shirt--still pinching himself that he got picked to be in this group!

He would like me to tell you that toward the end there is a roll off the partner's back that he and his partner kinda fake. It looks like they've really flubbed it, but Bantam11 had cracked his kneecap on the carpeted concrete floor right before this and the choreographer insisted that they skip this move for the rest of the practice and not risk re-injury.

Also, in the middle when a new character walks in--Horton the Elephant--it's hard to tell what the Wickershams are doing. They are tossing a pen around, playing keep-away from Horton; in the show, it'll be Horton's clover. Bantam11 tosses it back to Horton at the end of that section.

Okay, enjoy a little behind-the-scenes look at a rehearsal!

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Erin said...

Thanks for the update and the video, their dancing looks like fun!