Sunday, May 13, 2007

Amazing Mayzie

I was once a plain little bird like you, kid.
One pathetic feather was all I grew.
I had nothing showoff-ish.
What's a plain bird to do?
And there's certainly nothing showoff-ish on you!

Thank you, Mayzie

Then I made a plan for my self-improvement
No more crumbs. I vowed I would have the cake!
Yes, I went to the doctor-

Doctor Dake by the lake!

And he told me
What sort of a pill I should take...
Now I'm ......
Amayzing Mayzie!
As feathered as feathered can be now!
Amayzing Mayzie!
It was all for sale!
...Baby, that's my tail!

Isn't Mayzie's costume great? This was at dress rehearsal--for the show they found her the coolest patterned fish-net stockings. Ooh-la-la!!)

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