Sunday, May 13, 2007

At the Kangaroo Court

This is the case of the people vs. Horton the Elephant...

Bird Girls (testifying):
Talkin' to a speck
Talkin' to a speck
To a speck of dust.

These Whos, sir,
Win or lose, sir,
Whether you believe or not,
They're here.
They live in fear.
And I'm the only friend they've got

You can do what you want with me, Your Honor
And I won't question why
But please save Who
The ti-iniest planet
in the sky.

(Don't miss Bantam12 in the backgrounds of both shots.)

These photos were taken at different dress rehearsals--note the different positions of Bantam12's orange scarf (he settled on the necktie look) and in the top shot, Blondechick14's headpiece is in her hand and some of the Bird Girls have removed their shoes. Blondechick is wearing black slippers because--believe it or not--that afternoon when she was getting ready, she stepped on a hot curling iron and burnt all her toes! With ice, aloe, prayer and Silvadene cream, she was all right by the next morning's school day performance.)

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Erin said...

What a CUTE costume she got!