Sunday, May 13, 2007

All for You

(Blondechick14 is the blonde in the turquoise dress. She's one of the Bird Girls who serve as narrators and back-up singers throughout the show--a great part. The main two female leads--Gertrude McFuzz, who is in love with Horton, and Mayzie LaBird, a showgirl, are also Birds. )

GERTRUDE (dramatically)
I sailed on a junk
And was practically sunk
For you.
I trampled thorough the trees
Full of furious bees
For you.
I slogged through a fog
And a choking smog
Down a soggy slope
Through a stinking bog
While my slip was gripped
By a vicious dog
For you.

All for you
All for you
There's nothing that I
And I couldn't
And I haven't gone through...
And maybe now
You'll know I care
For you! (Ooh--ahh...)

Oh, yes. And Horton, one more thing...

It took me seven weeks...
But I found your clover,
Too. (Ooooohh)

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