Sunday, May 13, 2007


The Wickersham Brothers are monkeys dressed in shiny black leather--the "bad boys" of the jungle. Here they have stolen Horton the Elephant's clover, on which is resting the dust speck which is the tiny planet of Who.

In the number "Monkey Around" they toss the clover back and forth, playing keep-away from Horton, as they taunt:

Wick#1: Well, it's bigger than a breadbox
Wick#2: Hey, it's wider than a whale!
Wick#3: Peanut butter breath
All: And scared to death from head to tail!
Wick#4: So you're still talking to dust oh, that's hot!
Wick#5: A dust speck that's all full of Whos who are not!

BANTAM12: There aren't any Whos. Why I don't hear a sound!

(This shot was taken at the moment of his solo--see the clover in his hand? Click to enlarge.)

All: Come on! We've gotta monkey... Monkey around!

Later they threaten him again in "Biggest Blame Fool." Bantam12 is the on the far right there--the shortest, youngest Wick. (He was lucky to get this part--but he's keepin' up with the big boys pretty well!) Blondechick14 made it into this shot too--she's in the turquoise dress.

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