Monday, May 07, 2007

Looking at the Bright Side

Well, B8's strep test was positive.

And I've been thinking--this is actually good news for our older kids with bigger parts. As soon as one of them feels even a tickle of a sore throat, we can call our doctor and ask for antibiotics--something we couldn't do if we didn't have a documented case of strep in our house. They'll get started on the Amoxicillin hours earlier than if they had to wait for an appointment and test results!

As for B8--he's feeling much better this morning. He'll have been on the antibiotics for 24 hours by this afternoon--so he can go to dress rehearsal tonight!

We did cancel writing class for this afternoon--but my friend that I swap kids with is taking her chances and still sending her six kids over (five today, actually).

Just shows you what a day off is worth to a homeschool mom!

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