Sunday, July 08, 2007

From the Inside Out

"Look into my eyes, Edmund."

"I can't! It's like looking into the sun!"

"Tell me what you see!"

"I see a liar, a coward, and a traitor! Is that me?"

"Yes, and do you want to stay like that?"

"No, but it's the way I am. How can I be any different? I wish I were dead!"

"You need not be trapped forevermore.
You need only seek and you shall find an open door....
You must search within and you must delve your deepest heart,
So you can plant new seeds and growth can start...
But a lasting change must come
From the inside out."

Papa Rooster adds, in his bio for the playbill, "change comes from the 'inside out' with more than a little help from Someone who comes from the 'outside in.' For all of us, the crucial change begins at the Stone Table."

This duet was one of the high points for me. The clear tenor voices of father and son blend so beautifully in harmony and response--the fruition of all those evenings of practice together!

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Jenny in Ca said...

wow, just wonderful! You are making me want to read the book again!