Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fruits of the Season

One of the things I will miss about this back yard is our raspberry patch! I'm praying for a yard big enough and sunny enough to have another one at our next house. Raspberries are expensive to buy, but they are so good for you and so easy to grow.

Our next door neighbor lets us pick from his hundreds of black raspberry bushes, but I love the red ones. They're sweeter and less seedy.

Whenever I taste the first perfect, just-picked, slightly sun-warmed red raspberry of the season, I think, "Ambrosia! The nectar of the gods!"


G's Cottage said...

I love red raspberries. Grandmother did too but not the rest of the family. So there was only one small section of red brambles next to the sheep gate and the main patch were blacks at the end of the garden. "sigh"

tonia said...

hee! I *always* say "raspberries are the food of the gods."

a raspberry patch is one of my must-have additions to this new place. MUST have.

(cute hair up there!)